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Dello Coffee is proudly owned and operated by young African women, dedicated to delivering the very best Ethiopian coffee from plantations throughout Ethiopia into coffee mugs around the world.

A Message from the CEO

My name is Roza Defo, I am the founder and CEO of Dello Coffee Exporters. I was born in the Bale Goba region of Ethiopia, where my family runs a farm, in which we produce and process oil seeds and cereals. My father is and has always been my hero and role model. He taught my siblings and I the value of hard work and the importance of working to achieve your dreams.

Upon entering university in Addis Ababa, I already had my father's values, instilled deeply in me. It was a struggle, as I wanted to prove my independence from my family. I finished my schooling, and then began working at various low paying jobs till I found employment at Bole airport. It was not related to the field I had studied, but proved to be a wonderful learning experience. I met a lot of different people and saved what I made. Eventually, I began a small electronics importing company.

As my business grew, I began noticing how the coffee industry environment was largely controlled by men, while women were a huge part of coffee production, processing, and exporting. This led me to my current position, as woman who wholeheartedly is trying to get more women involved in the frontend of the coffee trade. I truly hope to grow Dello Coffee Exporters with this as one of its main proponents, aside from delivering great quality coffee, with exceptional service and delivery time, consistently.

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Tizta Samuel

As the Senior Accountant at Dello Coffee, I am proud to be a part of this enterprising business that is not only focused on monetary gains, but has ideals which will help make this world a better place.

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